Lazy Last Day


We woke up with one thing on our minds, Packers. Houawah, Ashley and Nate went out to grab some groceries to cook up a nice breakfast for the group. We ate and then headed to a bar to watch the game. On our way to the bar we had a few people yell “Go Pack” out their windows. We even met a couple from Algoma, WI. It’s really cool to see fans all over the country. We grabbed a booth at a bar called “Whiskey” and got settled in for the afternoon. There were fans from all over at this bar so it was fun to hear all the yelling and clapping throughout the day at various different tables for different teams. It was a fun game for the us as the Packers went on to a convincing 38-17 victory over the Bears. Drinks and food were good as well. They seem to throw mac and cheese on everything over here. I got a pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese.  Not sure where this came from, just found it interesting. After the game we hopped on the “T” to the north end and walked around for a bit before heading back to the apartment. We had plans to have a nice dinner for our last meal in Boston. Those plans changed when we all fell asleep at the apartment. We woke up starving and ended up ordering pizza and chilling out the rest of the night. Overall I had a great time in a cool city with awesome people.


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