Day 1 – Road Trip Begins

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Green Bay to Louisville

Road Trippin’

We got a bit of a later start than we had originally planned. Lacey and I are taking advantage of her spring break and road tripping to Kentucky and Tennessee. Today was not too exciting so I will keep this short and sweet. We left Green Bay at 6 a.m. en route to Louisville, KY. We stopped for food at some sketchy chicken place that I can’t even remember the name of. The food was good but the place was pretty dirty. Oh well. After 8 hours of driving (not nearly as boring as I anticipated due to the wonderful company) we were checked into out hotel. We had a big Elite 8 basketball game between Wisconsin and Arizona to watch so we headed to find a tavern. We settled on a spot called “Hoops”. Along the way we drove past the University of Louisville, which had a beautiful campus, and Churchill Downs, site of the Kentucky Derby. We got to the tavern and grabbed a table. Good thing we played the early game because the place filled up rather quickly with Kentucky Wildcat fans. We were the only two people in the place cheering for the Badgers. In fact, we were the only people even paying attention to the game at all it seemed. The Kentucky fans seemed very arrogant. We discussed at length, how much we liked southern accents and how polite it made people seem. The Badgers pulled it out in the end so we went home happy. We went back to the hotel and watched the Notre Dame and Kentucky game before falling asleep. It wouldn’t be long before we were annoyingly awaken. The walls of the hotel were pretty thin, if you know what I mean…


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