Day 6 – Music City

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gatlinburg to Nashville

We got up early and grabbed some breakfast at a place called Camp Breakfast. It was a huge place that serves giant portions of breakfast food all day long. The menu was inside a real newspaper. Lacey and I split a country fried steak skillet and couldn’t finish all the sides that came with it.

Camp Breakfast

Camp Breakfast

We got all filled up and then it was off to Nashville. It was about a 4 hour drive but it was super easy. We checked into our hotel and had our first experience with valet parking. This hotel is definitely way too nice for us. It’s right downtown so it worked out perfectly. Once we got unloaded we went out to explore the town a bit. It was a beautiful afternoon. Our hotel was right up the road from the capital building. As we wondered throughout town, we found a pedestrian bridge which crossed a river that split the city in two. On the far side was the Tennessee Titan’s football stadium, which looked like it was still under construction (it wasn’t). We got halfway across the pedestrian walking bridge and it looked like rain, so we headed back to the hotel. Right as we got back it started to downpour. The rain lasted about an hour and cleared up just as we were ready to head out for the evening. We grabbed dinner and drinks at Honky Tonk Central. Then went to the Tin Roof and ended the night at Tootsies. All of the bars had live bands which we really enjoyed. None of them had cover charges, and they were all just a few blocks from our hotel, wins all around. Not only did all of the musicians sound awesome, but they would take requests if you tipped them, and they would do their best to play that song. If they didn’t know a song that you requested they would look it up on their smartphones and do their best. It was really impressive.




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