Day 7 – Country Music

We grabbed breakfast down the road from the hotel. I felt like I had to get chicken and waffles at some point in our time down south. It was delicious. After breakfast we headed off to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The building was huge. Admission to the museum costed $25. The museum seemed to be targeted at a bit of an older crowd (what did I expect?). I didn’t know a whole lot about a good chunk of the musicians and artists recognized in the hall. But it was still really interesting.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame

I enjoyed learning about those who I was a bit more familiar with, like the Kenny Rodgers exhibit, which was brand new. The last section of the museum was all about today’s artists. We felt much more at home at this point. The museum had all sorts of artifacts, from the dress Carrie Underwood wore when she won American Idol, to Elvis Presley’s gold Cadillac, to handwritten song lyrics from Eric Church and Taylor Swift. It was a pretty cool experience for anybody who is interested in country music. Once we were done at the museum we checked the radar, since we’d heard a big storm was coming through. The storm was approaching very quickly so it was time to find a tavern. We stopped at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and listened to some very talented female musicians. We were glad we found shelter when we did because the storm hit hard and fast. There were very strong wind gusts and a crazy amount of rain. Then the tornado sirens started going off. About and hour and a half later, the storm had passed and we walked to Rippy’s to grab a bite. We listened to three gentlemen who took turns playing music for us. We ended the night at Center Stage. This was a wide open bar with lots of room to dance. The band was a bit more rock than country which made it a super fun place to be. We really enjoyed our short lived time in Nashville. Tomorrow it’s back to Green Bay.

Music City

Music City

Enjoying Live Music

Enjoying Live Music

Round Trip

Full Road Trip Map


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