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Lazy Last Day


We woke up with one thing on our minds, Packers. Houawah, Ashley and Nate went out to grab some groceries to cook up a nice breakfast for the group. We ate and then headed to a bar to watch the game. On our way to the bar we had a few people yell “Go Pack” out their windows. We even met a couple from Algoma, WI. It’s really cool to see fans all over the country. We grabbed a booth at a bar called “Whiskey” and got settled in for the afternoon. There were fans from all over at this bar so it was fun to hear all the yelling and clapping throughout the day at various different tables for different teams. It was a fun game for the us as the Packers went on to a convincing 38-17 victory over the Bears. Drinks and food were good as well. They seem to throw mac and cheese on everything over here. I got a pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese. ┬áNot sure where this came from, just found it interesting. After the game we hopped on the “T” to the north end and walked around for a bit before heading back to the apartment. We had plans to have a nice dinner for our last meal in Boston. Those plans changed when we all fell asleep at the apartment. We woke up starving and ended up ordering pizza and chilling out the rest of the night. Overall I had a great time in a cool city with awesome people.


Happy Birthday Samuel Adams


Samuel Adams Brewery

We started off the morning by grabbing some brunch a few blocks from Houawah and Ashley’s. After that we hopped on the “T” and headed to Jamaica Place for the Sam Adams Brewery tour. Everybody calls the subway the “T” but nobody knows why. I guess I’ll play along. The brewery tour was free, which is my favorite price. The tour itself was pretty cool. We learned about the process and a lot about Sam Adam’s. Fun fact: It’s Sam Adam’s birthday today, he would have been 292 years old. Sam Adams has won a ton of awards for their beers. The brewery we were at was the original and smallest of the 3 operating breweries. The last part of the tour was everybody’s favorite spot, the tasting room. They passed out 7 oz. sample glasses for us to keep. We got to use said sample glasses to taste a few beers. We started with the original Boston Lager while our guide taught us how judges of beer competitions grade and evaluate beers. After the Boston Lager we moved onto their Oktoberfest, which was delicious. The last one we tried was the 375 Colonial Ale which was brewed to commemorate Boston’s 375th anniversary. We left the tour with our sample glasses feeling good about our life choices. We headed to a pub called “Odoyle”. This pub was Sam Adam’s first account. The first bar to put Sam Adams beer on tap. They had 8 Sam Adams beers on tap when we stopped in, 3 more than the brewery had. They have a cool deal worked out in which you pay $6 for a pint of Sam Adams and you get to keep the glass. Now you can purchase the same pint glass at the Sam Adams Brewery for $8. The biggest difference is the glass at the brewery is empty, while the glass at Odoyle’s has beer in it. No brainer. We had a few pints and some appetizers while sharing plenty of laughs. We dropped off our new glassware at the apartment before heading to the north side of town. We wanted to take a sunset boat tour of the Boston Harbor but arrived too late. We walked around the harbor a bit before heading to Quincy Market. Quincy Market is a really cool market space that’s half indoors and half outdoors. We walked by all sorts of food and craft shops and stands. We watched a street performer juggle while riding a unicycle before grabbing some dinner. Nate, Mark and I had to try a lobster roll as long as we were in Boston. We’d heard so much about them. Basically it was lobster and lettuce on a bun. Simple but delicious. We hopped on the “T” and headed back home and enjoyed a low key night of Fifa. We felt a little bad for Ashley because she’d been watching us play enough video games, we included her in a game or two of cribbage before hitting the hay.

History Class


Pretty slow start to the morning. Once we all got showered and ready for the day we met Houawah for lunch. We walked to his place of employment and then the 5 of us grabbed some sushi. The place we went had a really good lunch deal. After that, Houawah had to get back to work, and Ashley had to start work. Mark, Nate and I took off for a fun, afternoon adventure, with a history lesson along the way. We started the Freedom Trail. A lot of American history took place in Boston. The trail is about a 2.5 mile walk that goes past 16 of the most important places in U.S. history. We started by walking through the cemetery in which, Paul Rivere, John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin’s families bodies are burried. It was right in the middle of the city which was bizarre but pretty neat.

Granary Burrying Ground

Granary Burrying Ground

We also checked out a few significant churches along the trail. I should have prefaced this post by saying that I don’t feel well right now. This may not be funny, or interesting in any way shape or form, so feel free to jump ahead to tomorrow. Anyways, one of the churches we stopped at had the lanterns that let people know how the British were coming. The churches were unique because families would purchase square pews. You’d be face to face with your family, while enjoying mass.

Paul Rivere Statue

Paul Rivere Statue

Halfway through this self guided tour we stopped at “Bell in Hand,” America’s oldest continually operating tavern. We had a pint before finishing the tour. We walked past Paul Rivere’s house. Then, we stopped at the U.S.S. Constitution. It’s the oldest floating military ship. It was really cool to hop on board and ┬ásee a ship with as many cannons as this one had. The last stop on our tour was at the monument for the Battle of Bunker Hill. This was a perfect spot to end the tour. We’d heard about it in school, so it was cool to see for ourselves.

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument

On our walk back to Houawah and Ashley’s apartment we came across a monument dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. That was a very humbling experience. I forgot to mention, halfway through the Freedom Trail, we stopped and watched a street performer. His name was Snag Boogy and he claims to have been on America’s Got Talent. The 5 of us went out for dinner at a nice Irish Pub. I had to try some authentic clam chowder. Dinner was great and now we’re back at the apartment playing Cards Against Humanity.

Boston – Why You Gotta Be So Rude?


We stayed in Milwaukee last night because we had an early flight out. Our flight left at 8:55 a.m. We got through security, no problem. We ate a quick, and surprisingly delicious breakfast sandwich and we’d be on our way. It was a quick flight, a little less than two hours. Mark and I landed in Boston and were greeted by our buddy Nate who flew in from Minneapolis about an hour before us. Once we grabbed our bags we hopped on a free bus that would take us to the subway station. Ashley was there waiting for us. I’d never been on a subway before today so that was a new experience. We heard a couple young lads playing some string instruments. They were pretty good and played a Bruno Mars song, “Rude.” Little did we know, this would be the soundtrack to our weekend. Ashley showed us around the city a little bit. She and Houawah both say that Boston is rather small but I don’t know if I’m buying that at this point. We walked around town for a while before meeting Houawah back at their place. We chilled for a while before taking off for Fenway. We had tickets to the Red Sox and Rays game. We met our friend Kylie for dinner and a few drinks at a bar near the stadium. Fenway was a a really cool park. They scan your ticket on this street that leads right into the stadium. I can only imagine the partying going on when the Sox are relevant. We found our seats in the right field bleachers. The field seemed so tiny. It was really a cool experience. Boston beat Tampa 11-1. There were two home runs over the Green Monster which was cool to witness in person.

Houawah, Nate, Brian, Mark, Ashley at Fenway

Houawah, Nate, Brian, Mark, Ashley at Fenway

After the game we had a 20 minute walk home. We played some Fifa before bed. For those of you keeping track at home, I only lost once. It’s pretty late so I should get some rest. We have a lot of exploring to do tomorrow.